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Sal Ammoniac - 1/2 lb size

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SOLID SAL AMMONIAC - 1/2 pound size

Cleans, Tins & Re-Stores Soldering Iron Tips

A properly working stained glass soldering iron tip should melt solder instantly. Wiping a hot iron tip on an iron sponge is a great idea to reduce build up of contaminents found in solder and flux. Eventually that won't be enough. This product is "The Best Choice" to Clean, Tin & Restore a tip so you can get back to uninterupted soldering.

How It Works:

  • Heat soldering iron tip
  • Melt droplet of solder onto Sal Ammoniac block
  • Rub heated tip into solder and around the surface of the Sal Ammoniac block  
  • Rub all faces and edges of tip. The tip will absorb the solder so add more
  • Rub the tip hard to speed up the process
  • You'll be done when all tip edges are bright silvery new looking
  • Comes in an 1/2 lb (8 oz./227g) solid,durable block (4" long x  2.5 wide x1" thick)
  • Guaranteed results when used properly*

*Does not restore tips if damaged ie: original tip tinning has been removed

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