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Glue Chip


Clear glass bevels with a glue chip pattern on the plateau/flat top. Useful for increased privacy or design. These bevels are manufactured using 5mm (3/16”) thick clear float glass.  The polished bevel edge has a thickness of 3mm (1/8”). This edge thickness of 1/8” is an size match to the 1/8” thickness of most art glass.

Clear glue chip glass bevels are packaged in small cardboard boxes each containing 30 bevels. Each bevel is separated by paper/cardboard to eliminate scratching.

Bevel top: 1-1/2” and greater - plateau/flat top

Square Glue Chip Diamond Glue Chip 1-1/2 Inch Rectangles Glue Chip 2 Inch Rectangles Glue Chip Triangle Glue Chip