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Fusing Glass - System 96

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Glass is often selected by Color. Using the left hand table select the box beside your desired color. The screen will display all art glass in that color range. Click on product image to compare art glass from multiple color categories.

Glass is Often Selected by Transparency Values info - Understanding Transparency Values can play an important roll for proper glass selection

Spectrum System 96® is part of a respected family of tested-compatible glass products. Every one of these products has been designed and produced to work together, both technically and artistically, in every facet of the hot glass arts; Glass Fusing, Glass Kiln Casting, Glass Blowing, and Glass Torchwork

The Spectrum System 96 name is produced by Oceanside Glass & Tile and now sold as Oceanside Compatible. OGT is dedicated to keeping the warm glass arts affordable, accessible, and friendly for everyone. System 96 glass is soft, forgiving and easy to cut. Surfaces are largely smooth and uniform. Recommended for the beginner and an outstanding performer for the professional. Compatibility of the glass is assured, “devit” is practically non-existent

OGT System 96 is “dual-duty” meaning it can be used in stained glass as well as hot glass.

Spectrum - System 96 Fusing Glass Uroboros System 96 Wissmach 96 Fusing Glass