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Re-Strip - 100 feet

Product Code : AR RS100

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  • Re-Strip is placed into the channel of lead prior to inserting glass and remains there during further construction. Using Re-Strip throughout a lead glass panel will add structural strength. Re-Strip is also used between the edges of cooper foiled stained glass to add structural stength. The more Re-Strip applied throughout your project will increase the structural strength. 

  • Re-Strip is a ribbon of hard copper and is used to reinforce stained glass projects, both copper foil and lead.
  • Re-Strip is as effective as iron rebar in reinforcing panels, yet it is not visible in a finished work.
  • If you prefer working with copper foil, then you will be amazed at the additional strength that occurs when Re-Strip is added. The more Re-Strip you use throughout your project, the stronger it will become. 
  • Re-Strip is only .010" (0.254 mm) thick and 5/32" (3.96 mm) wide.
  • Length: 100 feet (30.48 m

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