Fiber Board - Square foot, 1

Fiber Board - Square foot, 1" thick

Fired-On Photo Fusing Decal Paper - single sheets

Fired-On Photo Fusing Decal Paper - single sheets

Fired-On Photo Fusing Decal Paper - Pack of 10

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Fired-On Photo Fusing Decal Paper - Pack of 10

Fired-On Images™ product line consists of a specially coated transfer paper developed for firing images on fusible glass. Images are printed on the decal paper, transferred onto fusible glass and then kiln fused onto the fusible glass. Once fired, images will be permanent. A certain printer is required for the printing process and the decal paper needs firing in a glass kiln with fusible glass. Detailed instructions are included with each package. Laboratory tested for food safety.


To successfully transfer images, a certain printer is required. All CANON and most HP* BLACK ONLY LASER printers that have at least 30% iron oxide in their onboard toner cartridges. Iron oxide is what makes the image work and is why the images always fire to a sepia or reddish-brown. *As of 2019 some HP Black-Only laser printers do not contain the necessary iron oxide or ferrite. Check that your toner cartridge has 30% iron oxide. Check HP's or Canon’s MSDS site to check the ingredients of your toner by clicking below.

HP MDSS site here
Canon MDSS site here

PHOTO DECAL PAPER for Glass Fusing

  • Pack of 10 sheets each sized 8 ½” x11”.
  • Detailed instructions with each package
  • Images fire to a Sepia (reddish-brown) color.
  • Certain HP or Canon Laser printer required.
  • Glass kiln or Microwave Kiln required.
  • Use on Fusible glass only.
  • Perfect for small images up-to 4 inches
  • Ideal for Hot Glass Artisans and Home Hobbyists
  • Tested Food Safe and dishwasher safe.

Reference Book Available – FUSING IMAGES ON GLASS – 2nd Addition

Glass Hobbyist and Professional Glass Artists can easily and inexpensively add photographs, images, texts and even handwriting to their fused glass projects. This booklet is the result of years of experimentation and research by the creator of PHOTO FUSING DECAL PAPER, Terry Banhazl. Discover an easy and safe method to permanently fuse fire images onto fusible glass surfaces.

  • Includes illustrated step by step instructions.
  • Projects ideas and samples
  • Tips and Trouble shooting
  • Printer Information
  • 24 pages