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Weller SPG80L Soldering Iron

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Weller SP-120 Soldering Iron

Weller WLC 200 Soldering Iron and Rheostat

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Weller® WLC200 Hobby and Stained Glass Soldering Station, 80Watts

This Weller soldering unit is a complete Soldering Station with one Weller SP80 lightweight pencil iron with a replaceable 3/8” chisel tip, a Powerbase to control wattage and temperature, and a soldering iron holder with a cleaning sponge.

Once this soldering iron is plugged into the power unit it can be used all day long without the worry of over-heating.

Adjustable Temperature Range: The 5 Watt to 80 Watt range of adjustable temperature quickly heats the iron up to 900°F. After using recovers that heat again, speeding up your workflow and making the long wait for a heating iron a thing of the past.

Reliable Chisel Tip and Replacement Tip Compatibility: The MTG20 - 3/8” Chisel tip that comes with this set is designed for stained glass applications and can be easily replaced. All Weller soldering tips are made from a copper core with iron, nickel, and chromium plating to protect against corrosion. The nominal heat-up time with the tip is just 180 seconds!

Performs a Range of Jobs: This station’s variable temperature can be set as low or high as the job requires, letting you solder a wide range of applications. Recommended for stained glass copper foil, lead, or zinc. 


1 – SP80 soldering iron, up to 900 degrees with a 6-foot cord set

1 – Power base with 5 position wattage control, three-wire grounded 4 -foot cord set

1 – Soldering iron holder (inserts into power base)

1 – Soldering iron sponge

1 – Iron tip – MTG-20 (3/8”)

1 – Full instructions included.

  • UL-Listed: Tested and meets independent safety standards
  • Use only Weller certified replacement tips: MTG20, MTG21, MTG22

A properly working soldering iron should always quickly melt or liquefy solder from a solid form to a liquid state. Over time all soldering iron tips will collect impurities from the solder and flux. The impurity build-up will decrease the effectiveness of the tip where the solder does not liquefy as quickly. In most instances, the iron tip can be brought back to peak performance by treating the tip with Sal Ammoniac


Manufacturer Warranty: Seven years from the date of purchase.

  • Kona Stained Glass is an authorized distributor for Weller products.

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