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Weller WSA350 Benchtop Smoke Absorber

Choice™ 100 Watt Electric Soldering Iron

Choice™ 100 Watt Electric Soldering Iron

Weller W100PG Soldering Iron

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Weller W100PG Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron, 100Watts

Weller W100PG 100 Watt Soldering Iron automatically regulates a constant 700°F tip temperature with an initial heat-up time of just 110 seconds. Uses Weller’s "closed loop" method of controlling and maintaining tip temperature, once heated up, solder for hours non-stop.

Features of the Weller W100PG Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron, 100W, 120V

  • Uses Weller’s "closed loop" method of controlling maximum tip temperature
  • Temperature is controlled by the tip - available at 600°F, 700°F, and 800°F
  • Portable line voltage iron - no base station required
  • Stainless steel modular plug-in heater, greater efficiency & versatility
  • The nominal heat-up time with a 700°F tip is just 110 seconds!
  • Three-wire grounded 6-foot cord set
  • Heating element type: Nichrome wound, plugin
  • UL and cUL listed
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Package contents:

1 – W100PG soldering iron

1 – CT6F7 – 3/8” 700°F soldering iron tip

1 – Soldering iron rest

1 – Important Instruction sheet

Other types of soldering irons have a dial to regulate the tip temperature. Not on the W100PG, it is not necessary.

The logic behind Weller's W100PG 700-degree standard tip. All stained glass solder types, 60/40 and 50/50, melt below 495 degrees Fahrenheit. If the iron tip is heating at 700 degrees, the solder will liquefy instantly with iron tip contact. 

All soldering iron tips will collect impurities from the solder and flux so tip maintenance is required. The impurity build-up will decrease the effectiveness of the tip where the solder does not liquefy as quickly. In most instances, the iron tip can be brought back to peak performance by easily treating the tip with Sal Ammoniac

A hobbyist or professional can count on this soldering iron to deliver the necessary constant and consistent tip temperature. Highly recommended for Copper Foil, Lead, or Zinc.


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