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Weller W100PG 3/8” Replacement Soldering Iron Tip 800F

Product Code : WE CT6F8

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  • 3/8" Replacement tip for the Weller W100PG soldering iron
  • Available in 700°F and 900°F


Weller W100PG SOLDERING IRON TIP Temperature Information

 600°F Tips - Ideal for working with lead came as lead melts at approximately 630°F.

700°F Tips - Standard tip temperature, with a little skill can be used on both copper foil and lead came.

800° F Tips - Ideal for copper foil work.  Use of this temperature allows you to make fast quality connections without the danger of leaving uneven layers in the seam.  It also has the advantage of adding strength by allowing the solder to run right through the seam.



 These high-performance tips are available in different sizes and temperatures

Select a tip size compatible with the size of your solder joint or soldering style

Select a tip temperature to suit the type of work to be performed


Tip Width 600°F 700°F 800°F 900°F
1/8” CT6C6 CT6C7 CT6C8 X
3/16” CT6D6 CT6D7 CT6D8 X
1/4” X CT6E7 CT6E8 X
3/8” X CT6F7 CT6F8 CT6F9

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