Weller W100PG Heavy Duty Soldering Iron, 100Watts, 120Volts

Weller W100PG Soldering Iron

weller wlc200 soldering iron

Weller WLC 200 Soldering Iron and Rheostat

Weller SPG80L Soldering Iron

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Weller® SPG80L Soldering Iron, 80 W, 120V

Fine quality hobbyist 4-piece soldering iron kit with durable heater technology. 100% quality tested and the 80 watts delivers up to 900°F. The barrel is stainless steel and the handle is heat/ impact resistant. As well, the sturdy round handle is designed to easily roll the iron tip. LED safety indicator light tells you when the iron is on. 

This iron is recommended for the hobbyist who will use it for a limited time of approximately, 1 hour at a time. It would then need to be unplugged to allow a cool-down period of approximately 5 minutes. This is necessary as this soldering iron is not temperature controlled unless it is connected to a rheostat power station like with the Weller WLC200

Recommended for the hobbyist or artist who requires occasional and limited soldering of copper foil, lead, or zinc.


1 – SPG80L soldering iron

2 – Iron tips – MTG-20 (3/8”) & MTG-21 (1/4”)

1 – soldering iron rest

1 – instruction info on the back of the packaging

6-foot cord set

UL and cUL listed

A properly working soldering iron should always quickly melt or liquefy solder from a solid form to a liquid state. Over time all soldering iron tips will collect impurities from the solder and flux. The impurity build-up will decrease the effectiveness of the tip where the solder does not liquefy as quickly. It's frustrating holding an iron tip in place waiting for the solder to melt. In most instances, the iron tip can be brought back to peak performance by treating the tip with Sal Ammoniac. 


Manufacturer Warranty: Seven years from the date of purchase.

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