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Taurus 3 Accessory Tools Kit

Product Code : GEM 1024

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Taurus 3 Accessory Tools Kit

Gemini Saw factory kit equipped with useful accessory tools, from cutting straight lines to perfect circles and precise angles.

    • Straight Edge - This tool gives the ability to cut straight lines, which would ordinarily be very difficult, with your ring saw. Fits anywhere on the saw
    • 45 Degree Edger - Works in unison with the straight edge to cut a 45 degree angle.
    • Circle Maker - This item works on any location of the work surface and helps to create perfect circles
    • Lamp Wedge - Use the lamp wedge to put a 30 degree bevel on the edge of a finished piece. This will allow the pieces to fit together more tightly, allowing for a smaller, stronger solder joint.
    • 30/60 Degree Cutoff Triangle - Works in unison with the straight edge to cut a 30 or 60 degree angle.
    • Bevel Edge Maker - This works in unison with the straight edge to make perfect 45 degree beveled edges.



    Gemini Taurus 3

    Accessory Tools Kit Video

    Learn How to use:

    • Straight Edge
    • 45 Degree Edger 
    • Circle Maker
    • Lamp Wedge

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