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MOR SB80 - M-80 Glass Breaker

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MOR SB80 - M-80 Glass Breaker

- Size: 24.75” long/ 4” tall/ 3.25” wide
- Steel tubing with plastic components - Assembly required.

Using the M-80 - In textured or rippled art glass it is often difficult to achieve the perfect score. Because the M-80 has the effortless power to start the break anywhere along the score, you can work around many scoring problems. It's bad luck when your cutter drops into a hole or skids out on a ridge. When you have this problem you can continue the score where the mishap occurred. With the M-80 you can first go to the area of the mishap and gently try to start the break on each side of the problem area. By working back and forth across the bad area you can often cause the break to skip over the problem. Once the two scores are connected across the mishap you can break out the score. In difficult curves it will be the underside of the glass that must be carefully broken before the pieces will separate. By gently going over the entire score with the M-80 you will flex the bottom layer enough to break down the underside of the glass. Once the underside is broken the glass will come apart.

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