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Lead - 

The traditional method of creating "leaded glass" uses lead came, which ages into a dark blue-gray patina. In comparison to other came metal strips (like brass, copper and zinc) lead is softer and more flexible, making it easier to cut and bend. Lead is also inexpensive and durable. A downside is that the finished projects may be prone to sagging due to lead's softness. This can be mitigated somewhat by stretching the lead to make it more rigid before it is used. Special precautions should be taken when working with this metal came to avoid to lead contamination.

Cascade Lead's came is constructed from an alloy that is carefully and precisely made to result in a product that has a fine grain structure as well as high strength. 100% pure lead is mixed with exacting quantities of tin, antimony, copper and bismuth. The end product is 99% lead but now has the ability to be stretched to breaking point and still maintain a fine grain structure, thanks to the trace amounts of other metals. The alloy also prevents oxidation, making it easier to solder with and allows for a long shelf life without forming rust.

Descriptions from Wikipedia and Cascade Lead Products Ltd.