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Quick Success Stained Glass

Introduction to Stained Glass

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Introduction to Stained Glass: A Step-by-Step Teaching Manual - by Randy Wardell

A complete stained glass instruction manual that includes copperfoil and traditional lead fabrication with full-size patterns for 17 projects. Revised and Updated in 2016

Publishers Description:

Introduction to Stained Glass was originally released in 1985 and since then it has become the definitive standard for teaching and learning stained glass techniques. Step-by-Step instructions cover both copperfoil and lead came fabrication. The well-written text combines theory and practice to familiarize readers with the basics and guide them through more advanced methods.

This book contains 17 full-size patterns for projects consisting of 5 windows, 2 boxes & trays, 5 suncatchers, 2 flower pots, and 3 panel lampshades. Each project has complete assembly instructions using copper foil or lead (depending on the project), specifications, and a material list.

Introduction to Stained Glass is sure to remain on your reference shelf throughout your career in Stained Glass crafting. This book can be used as a companion text for a class or to discover these simple techniques on your own.

Book Details:

  • 68 Pages – 4 in color plus 64 in B&W
  • 200 Photographs
  • 17 Full Size Projects Patterns

About the Author:

Randy Wardell has been in the art glass business for 30 years and he has done it all from instruction & retail supplies, custom glass studio, managing a glass wholesale warehouse, to publishing. He founded Wardell Publications Inc in 1983 to produce books for the glass craft industry. Randy is the author of 14 books and is renowned for his is dynamic and humorous writing style.

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