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Handy Hangers - Single hanger

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Handy Hanger - Single Hanger

The handiest little hanger for all your metal-framed panels. 

Ideally suited for most U-channel hard metals like zinc, brass, or copper. Hangers are inserted into the U channel and soldered into place.

Directions for the Handy Hanger

  • All framing is done before the handy hanger inserts are installed.
  • Handy hanger inserts are to be installed inside all zinc, brass or copper U-channel frames.
  • The tab is inserted into the opening, leaving only the eye exposed.
  • The handy hanger and the opening are fluxed,
  • Heat is applied with the tip of the iron causing solder to flow the length of the hanger.
  • The solder is meant to attach the hanger to the channel.
  • Becomes an integral part of the finished project.
  • After the solder has cooled, check your work by pulling on the hanger with pliers


Square or Rectangle frames

Let side pieces of the frame run full length so that the tops will be open to accepting the handy hanger.

Stand the panel with the side flat on a workbench. Insert the handy hanger, flux, and solder.

Cap off the ends with solder after the handy hangers are in place.

Round or Oval frames

After the framing is complete, decide the 2 points where you want to place the hangers. Then simply file a groove across the frame (using the edge of a half-round bastard file). Insert the handy hanger tab into the groove up to the eye, flux, and solder.

On small-diameter frames using narrow zinc, you will need to give the hanger tab a slight curve to conform to the panel diameter. This can be accomplished by using breaker pliers.

Octagon & Hexagon

Joints are the best point to install handy hangers.

Using the edge of a half-round bastard file, simply file a groove across the zinc.

Slip the tab of the handy hanger into the groove up to the eye, flux and solder.