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Grinding Equipment

Grinder Grinders are a necessary and important tool when producing stained glass projects. You will quickly learn that each sheet of glass has its own character and temperament. Even though you may score a piece of glass perfectly, you won’t always get an accurate break. A glass grinder will help you cut that shape perfectly, and at the same time, greatly reduce waste from imperfect breaks. You’ll find that your projects assemble more quickly when the pieces are the correct size. Copper foil is much easier to wrap around an even edge. Solder seams appear more consistent in width when the pieces fit properly. A grinder, like any other good tool, helps you perform certain jobs that otherwise would be difficult and frustrating. These grinders and their accessories are sold world wide, and in fact, more people choose these grinders than all others combined. All grinders are covered by their 5 year Full Manufactured Warranty.

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