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60612096 Grenadine Red Transparent & Clear, Double Rolled Streaky

Product Code : UF 60612096

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60612096 Grenadine Red Transparent & Clear, Double Rolled Streaky Uroboros System 96

Uroboros System 96 Glass description

Uroboros System 96 glass offers unique and creative glass styles. System 96 stands for 96 COE (Coefficient of Expansion). COE is a measurement where when glass is heated and cooled during the kiln firing process, it will expand and contract safely. When fusing multiple pieces of glass together, it is vital to use glass that is the same COE. When fusing with Uroboros System 96 Sheet Glass, it can be used together or mixed with any Spectrum/Oceanside System 96 glass or Wissmach 96 COE glass. This glass line can also be used for any art glass project where there is no fusing process.


This product is Dual Duty. Use for either:

  • Glass Fusing – but only with other compatible COE 96 product
  • Glass Art – any Copper foil, Lead came or Mosaic project


  • Transparency Value: Transparent info
  • Glass Thickness: 1/8" (3mm)
  • Full sheet size: 24 x 24” (4 square feet)
  • Sold by the square foot - 12 x 12” (1 square foot)
  • Sold in various sizes – select from drop down box on right


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Color Red