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Glass Fusing Lessons

This program will introduce the basics of glass fusing. Participants will use shop hand tools and equipment while handling, cutting and shaping the glass to size. 

Glass Fusing Title


Most glass fusing methods involve stacking thin sheets of different coloured glass to create patterns or images. The stack is then placed inside a kiln to be heated through a series of ramps and soaks until the separate pieces bond together. 


Fused Glass



The program will introduce the basics of glass fusing. All projects will require participants to use shop hand tools and equipment while handling, cutting and shaping the glass to size.

The project will start with the artist having on their work station four different pieces of glass. Using a glass cutter, shapes are cut from the glass using a pattern as a guide. A glass grinder is used to finalize required edge work. Glass is stacked, glued in position, then placed in a kiln. 

Once the glass is placed inside the kiln, a program needs to be entered into the digital controller and then a fusing process starts and lasts for approximately 16 hours reaching a high temperature of 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.

If that works out, the fused glass piece is put back in the kiln, atop a mold to give it shape and then fourteen more hours in the kiln, firing away at fourteen hundred degrees in temperature.



Inspired by a beautiful blown glass bowl by Nicholas Kekicof of Tsuga, this fused glass project consists of twelve cut to size pieces of glass arranged on a wavy edge clear base.

Glass cutting skills come into play on this project as accuracy is important. All pieces are irregular shapes so there is time to be spent on each piece.

The diameter size of the bowl is 12 inches and the colors are pre-set depending on in-store stock availability.

This class is designed for the beginner and most beginners will need the 3-1/2 hours class time to complete the project. For those needing more time to complete the project, studio time is available.

For those who have time for additional projects, there is an additional cost.  For example a similar sized project such as the Pinwheel Bowl would cost $60.

All workstations have a full set of necessary equipment and course costs include all necessary fusing materials and glass.




Starts: Thursday October 26th, 2017

Duration: One evening

Where: Kona Stained Glass Learning Centre

When: 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm, doors open 6:25 pm

Cost: $79.00 plus tax, per seat

There is a maximum of 12 spots

Call to register604 877-1332

A Credit Card number is required to secure a seat.