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FB10 Fuse Box - 10 square feet

Product Code : SF FB10

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Spectrum System 96 Fuse Box FB10

Spectrum “FuseBox” is a variety of Spectrum “T-Glass”. The “T” stands for “Transition” so named because it is often produced as they shift from one product to another in manufacturing. System 96 “T-Glass” is always 100% tested-compatible, devit-resistant, excellent cutting and otherwise top-performing fusible glass. It will however be outside Spectrum’s tolerance for surface texture, seeds, color hue, mix or density. Avoid “T-Glass” where it is critical that you be able to replicate glass color from one project to the next. The Specrum System 96 Fuse Box 10 includes the following:


  • 10 sq ft of “T-Glass”
  • 12” x 12” squares
  • At least 6 different colors
  • Always includes Clear
  • A mix of transparent and opalescent glass
  • Includes at least 20% (2 pcs) Premium Priced Product,
  • Colors like: Opal Art Spirit, Irids or Hots
  • No additional boxing charge

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