01H Wissmach Hammered Clear Texture Art Glass Iridescent

Wissmach 01CC Clear

Wissmach 01AQ Aqua-Lite Clear

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Wissmach 01AQ Aqua-Lite Clear

Similar to the Spectrum Oceanside Waterglass series

Wissmach Art Glass is manufactured in the US and offers many different colors, textures, and transparency values. Wissmach glass does not cut as easy as Spectrum or Oceanside Glass. This would especially apply to a beginner glass cutter. Wissmach Art Glass color mixes vary throughout the full sheet. The color mix is not as consistent as Oceanside or Spectrum Glass. This may lead to disappointment while others appreciate the inconsistency. Wissmach Art Glass does have occasional manufacturer defects: bubbles, bumps, irregular corners, irregular flatness, seeds, streaks, varying thickness, and washed-out areas.

This product is used for:

  • Glass Art – any Copper Foil, Lead Came or Mosaic project
  • Not for Glass Fusing
  • Glass cutting experience recommended
  • Color Mixes vary with inconsistency
  • Expect occasional manufacturer defects
  • Glass Thickness: 1/8" (3mm)
  • Full sheet size: 32 x 42" (9.33 square feet) - grain with 42"
  • Sold by the square foot
  • Sold in various sizes – Please Select from drop down box above
  • Transparency Value: Transparent info
  • Obscure Value: High info