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Spectrum Home Collection
Spectrum’s Home Collection glass offers an unparalleled designer’s palette for both dramatic and subtle looks. These attractive sheets will make a distinctive statement to your cabinetry or windows. The choice is yours: to obscure or enhance, to draw the eye with sparkling drama or surround with a soothing blanket of privacy. Add a little accent to your home.
Choose from five categories of art glass texture to achieve your decorating goals:
DRAMATIC -  Textures speak with their own voice. Background images become secondary as the character of each glass panel takes center stage.
SOFTENING - Textures preserve the background image while adding delightful individual character.
TRANSFORMATIONAL - Using the background as raw material, the Transformational Textures shape, bend and skew what lies behind into new and fascinating forms.
IMPRESSIONIST - Lending intrigue and mystery to the images behind, the Impressionist Textures invite a closer look.
PRIVACY - In your personal spaces, the Privacy Textures turn the harsh reality of the world into a soothing blur.