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Lead - Adhesive

Lead has been used for centuries in the creation of traditional leaded lights due to its malleability and ease of use. RegaLead’s adhesive lead profiles retain these properties and their narrower widths are ideal for creating stunning decorative designs while the wider widths are use mainly for designs with straight lines. This versatile overlay system can be used to accurately recreate the look of traditional stained glass, design innovative contemporary decorative glass or produce a simple leaded window or door panel.

RegaLead Self-adhesive profiles are made with 99.5% pure lead modified with a small amount of antimony to improve its weathering performance and surface polish. A high performance, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive ensures a long life span in both single glazing and in double glazed units.

All products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2 quality standards and have been tested in units complying with the European standard EN1279. The coated lead products have been fully age and weather tested to the ASTM-G53-96 standards.