Studio Pro 7/32” Black Back Foil Tape

Studio Pro 7/32” Black Back Foil Tape

Re-Strip – 25 feet

Copper ReStrip - 25 feet

Studio Pro 1/4” Black Back Foil Tape

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1/4" Black-Backed Foil Tape

Studio Pro Extra foil offers good tack and resistance to temperature and weathering.

This product is available only while Edco Black Back foil is not available

  • Black-Backed
  • Tape Width: 1/4" x 36 yd
  • Adhesive back
  • Closely follow instructions.
  • Ensure the glass edge is clean and dry prior to application
  • Place tape just one time, quality may decrease by removing and re-applying
  • Solder asap, quality may decrease with delay.
  • Made in China

Choosing the Correct Foil

When using transparent glass or bevels, choose your foil based on the colour of your solder seams:

  • Copper Backed foil if using copper patina
  • Silver Backed foil if leaving your solder silver
  • Back Blacked foil if using black patina
  • Backing color is irrelevant when using opalescent glass